Family House, Santa Inés

In this house we propose to guarantee in a simple, systematic and reliable way the comfort and quality of the indoor air for the users of the house, in an invisible, non-invasive way and at the lowest economic and environmental cost. To do this, we give full prominence to solar energy and advanced technology for generating cold and heat by aerothermal energy.

The generation of cold for air conditioning, as well as heat for heating and domestic hot water (ACS) is obtained by means of a single aerothermal heat pump.

We emphasize the uniform distribution of thermal energy through the use of underfloor heating and cooling, ventilation with heat recovery will favor possible situations of "free-cooling" with the consequent direct energy savings.

With controlled ventilation, at a very low speed and constantly, the quality of the indoor air is guaranteed and an increase in the overall stationary performance of the home is obtained, which in turn leads to high comfort levels at all times of the year.

A robust and simple automatic control, connected to the Internet, will allow the user greater ability to manage and understand the installation even in a remote way.

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