Self-consumption with surplus compensation Manacor

Self-consumption single-family home Manacor

By connecting to the sun, you reduce your electricity bill by up to 70%. You care for and protect the environment, reducing CO2 emissions.
Also control how much energy you produce and consume from your mobile phone.

The owner uses the energy from the self-consumption installation when he needs it, being able to buy energy from the network at times when this energy is not enough. When not all the energy from the self-consumption facility is consumed, it can be injected into the grid and, in each billing period, the invoice issued by the retailer will offset the cost of the energy purchased from the grid with the surplus energy valued at the average price of the hourly market (for PVPC consumers) or at the price agreed with the marketer.

Our service offers a turnkey installation with all the necessary components to be able to take advantage of self-consumption from day one, facilitating the installation process for the client.

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