Self-consumption with compensation for surpluses and accumulation


Ecosolutions service for photovoltaic self-consumption project with lithium batteries. Compensation for surplus and accumulation of lithium batteries.

Solar power generator: 6 kWp

Accumulated power in lithium batteries: 13,8 kWh

Installation nominal power: 6 kW


15 units solar panels 400W AXITEC HC AC 400MH / 144S

1 unit Lithium battery for 13.8 kWh BYD

3 units SI 4.4 SMA

Three-phase solar inverter 6.0 SMA STP TL INT BLUE

Sunny Home Manager 2.0 SMA

11 panels on a flat roof at 15º according to the two rows behind and 4 panels on a sloping roof of coplanar tiles, Spanish tile anchorage, all vertically.


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