The most efficient solution for energy storage

The new lithium-ion batteries created to store energy in homes and businesses are already proving it’s excellent technical and economical advantages in the installations done by Baleares Renovables in the island of Ibiza. The user of this efficient and compact technology can use the Lithhium batteries when the consumption peaks are higher, when there are cuts in the regular electrical supply network or to store electricity at the times fares are lower.

In the case of homes and businesses that are not having regular electrical supply, lithium batteries allow storage of solar or wind energy during the day to use during the night, but with a big advantage: The dimensions of the lithium batteries are reduced in size and weight compared to the lead acid batteries, they are not emmiting vapours, therefore they can be installed in the garage or in the side of the house avoiding the need of building an aditional batteries room.

Together with the 6 kW of solar photovoltaic energy we have installed two units of ferric phosphate batteries connected in parallel, BYD 13.8 brand. A custom solution specifically designed of small scale micronet projects, due to their high capacity of discharge and scalability. Each unit has a continous discharge rate close to 1C, wich it’s extremeli useful in bigger scenarios, with no network connection, with the possibility of having up to 32 batteries in parallel, wich translates in a maximun storage capacity of 441,6 kWh per system. For our case we will only have two batteries in parallel for a cumulative energy of 27,6 kWh.

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