air conditioning and domestic hot water 100% with renewable energy

Single family home Morna Sant Carles de Peralta

To generate heat and cold for climate, as well as only heat for domestic hot water (ACS) we use aerothermal energy, a separate heat pump for each case in order to be even more efficient.

The objective of the installation is the comfort of users in a non-invasive way, for this it is necessary to have a uniform distribution of cold and heat, controlling the quality of indoor air through permanent ventilation of the home. By ventilating the house we recover heat and this aspect makes the process more efficient.


A hot and cold distribution network is implemented for underfloor heating in winter and cooling in summer. Comfort in winter is obtained by underfloor heating and ventilation, in summer to avoid condensation, the water outlet temperature will always be systematically higher than 20ºC. We make use of water fan coils in strategic places in the house. The fan coils are fed by the heat pump for climate which in summer will work in cold mode, boosting the water if desired at 7 degrees Celsius.

Automatic climate control, it is a simple automatic control, easy to operate and maintain. A UPONOR Smatrix base PRO system is installed, which is a compact system for local control and remote control, if desired, via the Internet.

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