Single family home

A three-phase electricity circuit with 400/230 V voltage and a 50 Hz frequency, a nominal power of 15 kW and peak surges of up to 36 kW for 3 seconds.

The network is powered by a nominal 13.75 kW photovoltaic solar field that meets the electricity requirements and also accumulates energy in an additional battery bank with a storage capacity of 76.8 kWh available in 10 hours.

The key to avoiding majority use of the conventional power grid lies in optimising consumption in the home without compromising at any time comfort or the ongoing availability of each electrical appliance or device installed.

The three-phase circuit is automatically created by 3 Sunny Backup 5000 smart grid operators, which are two-way inverters (battery inverter and battery charger) for stand-alone systems. Sunny Backup supplies consumers in the stand-alone network side and charges the batteries using the energy generated by the equipment (solar inverter) on the alternative current side.

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