Solar energy self-consumption shines in the Balearic Islands

Jul , 1
Solar energy self-consumption shines in the Balearic Islands

It’s always a good time to introduce initiatives related to our energy consumption, especially those based on clean and renewable sources. Decisions that will not only save us money in the mid-term, but will also give us the satisfaction of knowing that we are not contributing to the global problems pollution causes. Essentially, the idea is to incorporate the way you obtain and use energy into your overall outlook on life, opting for more responsible alternatives such as solar energy self-consumption.

What’s more, the current conditions are particularly favourable for taking determined steps in this direction. Recent laws passed by Spain’s central government, aimed at speeding up the energy transition, have considerably smoothed the path for users, promoting and encouraging its application as standard practice. This is also a logical move, in line with international policies designed to combat climate change.

The approval of Royal Decree Law (RDL in its Spanish initials) 15/2018,  published in October 2018, for the removal of the “sun tax” and the introduction of a series of measures aimed at boosting individual self-consumption, was followed in April this year by Royal Decree Law 244/2019 regulating collective self-consumption, extending the measures that make it easier for buildings and companies to generate and consume their own power.

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The result is that in just seven months a regulation has been introduced that has completely reverted the previous situation. The obstacles to energy self-consumption have now been removed and replaced with measures that actively encourage it. A regulation that includes major innovations such as the exemption from all charges and taxes levied on renewably sourced energy for self-consumption, as well as the export surplus energy to the grid, or the simplification of the administrative procedures and processes involved in legalizing facilities. In addition to the favourable situation on a nationwide level, the Balearic Islands’ autonomous administration has also extended the financial aid for the installation of photovoltaic panels to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, business associations and not-for-profit organisations, who may be entitled to subsidies covering up to 50% of the cost involved.

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It is therefore an ideal time to switch over to clean energy sources for your home or apartment block, business premises or industrial units. If you require help and advice in this area, here at Baleares Renovables we have more than 10 years’ experience in the design and application of pioneering renewable energy projects in the Balearic Islands. You will find further information on our new website or you can contact us by telephone or online. Alternatively, call in at our offices in Santa Eulalia del Río (Ibiza), the base for our operations throughout the Balearic Islands. We’re here to help in any way we can!

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